Victorian Lady Cat "Stephanie"

"Stephanie" is 68 cm (26.8 inch) tall and made of two different Faux Furs: cream white and brown with beige tips. Her iridescent green glass eyes are selfpainted. The cat is 5-way jointed with cardboard discs and stuffed with Polyfil. There are wire inlays in arms,legs and tail. The nose is made of Magic Sculp,the inner ears of Ultrasuede and the paw pads from rubber. Stephanie wears the most elegant spring outfit: a 3-pieces dress made of pink iridescent silk with a small floral pattern and bronze striped Dupioni silk.
The fitted jacket has cream silk satin portions with gorgeous antique floral appliques in the front part,attached are sweet lavender textile flowers and a silver closure and little silver buttons. The cuffs are also made of cream silk satin. Around her neck Stephanie wears a sheer black organza bow with a light-green and cream cameo brooch. The bronze upper skirt is cut similar like a tulip shape with a nice lace border. The pink underskirt is gathered and has a ruffle and a wide pleated cream trim with lace on the hem. The elaborately handmade Victorian hat is made of taupe velvet.
It is embellished with a vintage cream floral applique, a light-green silk ribbon,lavender textile flowers and curly feathers. Stephanie comes to you with her lovely lace parasol and a doll stand.

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